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How to Escape the Everyday

Trapped in the same old cycle? Break away and discover a new level of freedom.

How to Escape an Abuser

Press and hold ‘esc’ on your keyboard for tips on safely leaving an abusive relationship.

Hide This Site from an Abuser

Stop pressing ‘esc’ to return to “The Way to Live”, in case your abuser comes near.

How to Escape the Everyday

Tap here to break away and discover a new level of freedom.

How to Escape an Abuser

Tap here for lifesaving tips on how to safely leave an abusive relationship.

Hide This Site from an Abuser

Tap here to return to “The Way to Live”, in case your abuser comes near.

The Must-Get Bag

Plan on the perfect weekend away with this roomy bag

Fill this classic bag with clothes and all your other mini-vacay essentials. It fits comfortably over your shoulder, with lots of extra pockets for keeping necessities at hand. Perfect for a getaway with friends!

The Getaway Bag

Plan on getting away safely by packing an emergency bag.

Fill a roomy bag with clothes, extra money, important documents, and other essentials. It will help you feel comfortable, knowing that you’ve got extra necessities at hand. Keep it at the home of a trusted friend.

Purse Essentials for Everyday Life

Don’t leave the house without these life-savers: A compact for checking makeup, mints for staying fresh, and your favourite lipstick for touchups on the go. Plus, you’ll want the peace of mind of having your ID on you. And of course, you’ll need those keys for getting back home safely.

Essentials When Running for Your Life

Don’t flee the house without these life-savers: Essential ID for you and your kids, prescription meds, and proof of residence with your abuser. Plus, don’t forget toys and comforting items for your kids. And if possible, bring cash for untraceable spending. All this will help you leave safely.

Check Here for the Latest Phones

Stay in touch with loved ones and look good doing it with these stylish finds. Be sure to see how each phone’s features compares to the others too. Are you obsessed with keeping up with trends and ready to make a move? Get turned onto one of these latest phones, and make sure to get hooked up with all the latest features.

Check that Nobody’s Tracking Your Phone.

Stay off the radar by disabling your GPS and making sure you can’t be found. Be sure to deny location access to your apps in your phone settings too. Abusers obsessively keep track of their partner’s every move. Turning off your phone’s geolocation is an important step in making sure that your whereabouts are secure.

Rejuvenate with Some Time Alone

You may feel emotionally burned out right now, so really take the time for self-care and help yourself recharge. Absolutely clear your schedule, turn off your phone, and take the time away from everyone else. It’s a simple way to truly relax. By taking care of yourself first, you’ll have more to give in the future.

Realize That You’re Not Alone

You may feel emotionally isolated right now, but in reality, people care about you and want to help. Abusers are very good at manipulating their partners into feeling like they aren’t loved by anyone else. This is simply not true. . You have the support that you need to leave an abusive relationship safely and build a better future.

4 Signs Your Dry Skin Needs Help

  • Scaly, rough, or flaky skin. Beyond cosmetic reasons, dry skin can make you feel very uncomfortable
  • Feeling dehydrated. Your skin doesn’t produce as much moisture, resulting in tightening.
  • Isolated wrinkles. As your skin loses moisture, wrinkles can appear, especially in places like your mouth or eyes.
  • Variation in complexion, including sunspots or redness.

4 Signs You’re Being Abused and Need Help

  • Shoving, choking, hitting. Any form of physical abuse that makes you uncomfortable.
  • Feelings of despair. Any form of psychological and verbal abuse, including gaslighting.
  • Social isolation. As well as controlling behaviour that restricts what you do, wear, and eat.
  • Violation of personal boundaries including sexual assault or rape.

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